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Charlotte real estate deals are still readily available for the savvy home buyer. The Charlotte housing market has been very slowly moving in an upward direction. Much to the relief of all involved with the home market-from home sellers, real estate agents, home inspectors, and builders…and all those employed within the housing industry.

For those considering the fine investment of real estate, now is a good time to get in-while the getting is still good! Not all market’s can make that claim, but the Charlotte real estate market is one that does.

Charlotte Real Estate-Location; Location; Location: Queen Charlotte, the jewel of the South, offers many reasons for businesses to relocate here, but it also offers a great mix of reasons for homebuyers to want to relocate here.

The banking industry escorted many businesses and people into the area. It is not the only thing that put Charlotte on the map.

Charlotte home owners enjoy everything from Panthers football games to the Broadway Series at the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center, not to even mention NASCAR! There is a fine mix of things to do, on all levels.


Charlotte homeowners reap the benefits of a great location! It lends easy access to water, snow and big city life.

Charlotte residents can take to the hills for a weekend of camping, or head to an island resort…all within a couple of hours drive time! If you are big on traveling, the Charlotte Douglas Airport can fly you just about anywhere on the East Coast, in the Midwest or Deep South, in less than a three hours!

As for the Charlotte real estate market, you can buy Lake Norman homes for incredible prices-how much? Under a million, but that will give you a waterfront home complete with dock and most likely, neighborhood amenities.

Some sought after nearby locations include Ballantyne, Huntersville, Matthews and Waxhaw. All of these locations are known for their excellent schools, like many home buyers you may use that as part of your buying criteria.

As a note, Charlotte real estate may never reap the rewards it did just a decade earlier, but if it follows the trend, the prices may never be this low again! Like any real estate investments, make sure to work with a professional to receive valuable money-saving advice!

These locations are also less than thirty minutes to uptown Charlotte, but are complete in shopping, dining and entertainment venues…so there is no need to ever travel far from home.

Not to beat the drum, but this may be your last chance for romance when it comes to cashing in on great Charlotte real estate deals- the odds are that by 2012, home prices won’t be as sweet as they are today!

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