Director Asha Chai-Chang discovers a growing trend of male non-drivers while filming “Cruise Control”

Charlotte, NC – “Cruise Control” premieres Saturday, April 1st at 1:20 PM in the Charlotte Convention Center, hosted by the Charlotte Black Film Festival. Filmed locally in Charlotte, “Cruise Control” is directed and produced by Asha Chai-Chang of Love My Productions.
While the short film was produced in only 2 days, the storyline touches on international issues and trends. One of these trends is the rise in male non-drivers across the world. This poses an interesting question: Are you less of a man if you don’t drive? As Andrew Woods from the UK says “Even in today’s liberated age, the idea of a non-driving woman is still fine, but Driving Mr. Daisy is not.”
Asha is known for exploring and breaking stereotypes, and in today’s society, men are still seen as the driving force in business, politics, and most industries. However, there is a growing recognition of women being shown as leaders and steering important world affairs, as emphasized by the recent coverage of the International Women’s Day March for Women’s Rights. Furthermore, for the first time in history, women now outpace men in graduating college and pursuing graduate and professional degrees.
This leads to a pivotal question: Are men now taking the back seat to women and losing the expectations commonly associated with masculinity? See how the comedy “Cruise Control” handles this topic and more at the Charlotte premiere on April 1st.

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