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A long time, as Songming Daying Village Leather Development of the industry, the village leather processing plant emissions Sewage Serious pollution of the upper reservoir dam Songming County, even worse, the weather this year Arid , Daying Village next to the Dragon Court have taken the village sewage to irrigate farmland. These penetrate into the ground water irrigated into the village wells, direct threat to Long Yuan Village, more than 600 families the health of villagers. April 27, the reporter went to the town of Daying Village Songyang Songming County found that pollution in the upstream reservoir dam shocking, Long Yuan Village, more than 2000 people indirectly, I drink these sewage.

Leather trade is the economic lifeline

Camp village is located in Songyang Town Songming County north of the main household income to the majority of transactions hides. The total income of the village economy in 2008 344,014,000 yuan, of which hides the main industry trade income 220 million yuan, accounting for 63.9% of the total income of the rural economy.

In Daying Village Road on both sides, there are many leather buy point. Villagers said that the shares distributed pickled hides out in the village has been filled with special smell for years. “Several top leather processing plants, water bubbles out of the leather still unpleasant taste than this.” One villager said, daily 8 am and 10 pm, leather processing plant will be to drain the water is, milky Sewage flows into drains loomed large number of foam, like Tao Mishui, stink to high heaven. Daying Village of this gutter, has long been horrendous pollution.

Reporter also learned that last March 6, Daying Village dividend Leather Co., Ltd. 6 temporary sewage purification tank during cleaning, the fall into the water, sedimentation tanks, causing two workers were killed and four people with different levels injured. The reason is that the pond’s water contains a variety of precipitation acid, alkali and salt chemicals. An acquisition point of the boss leather, leather, mostly from Sichuan, Guizhou and Ruili and other places. Health and leather acquisition, should be preserved, or will degenerate, and pickled leather requires a lot of salt. This reporter saw the preserved each have a thick layer of white leather on the salt, pile out of a lot of light skin red liquid flows straight into the sewer.


Dam stink to high heaven Less than 500 meters away from the dam’s drain side, a village is clothes. She told reporters, leather processing plants is very clear water flowing upstream, the water source is the Longtan village, the villagers often carry water to cook vegetables or even while on the leather processing plant to the reservoir dam in just a few hundred meters between the water quality is has undergone enormous changes.

River Reservoir Dam is located downstream Daying Village drains, close to the highway, was the triangle, an area of 10 mu, black sewage is flowing into the gutter after Daying Village where precipitation. Reporter that covered a variety of aquatic plants within the dam, into the mouth of the water floating all kinds of densely packed Plastic Bags, packaging bags. In the dam, one is fishing water hyacinth old told reporters 20 years ago, their village of paddy fields barrage, with the development of leather processing, waste water discharged into the dam, the reservoir here has become a real stink.

Dam and reservoir are more than 100 m between the dam embankment separated, the water level above the reservoir water level of dam nearly two meters, there are two breaches in the dam embankment and a gate. Gate in the dam where the water block, but dilapidated gate, sealing well, Wankou crude sewage directly discharged into the upstream reservoir through this. It is understood that the upstream reservoir is located in Songming Songming County town northeast, completed in April 1958, the annual water supply capacity of more than 3000 million cubic meters of Songming County plays an important role in socio-economic development. Frustration with the dirty water irrigation


Village close to the Daying Village Long Hospital, which has been seriously polluted dam Daying Village is a village of Lung Institute pumping station. Long Yuan Village Committee Director Yushao Wen told reporters, usually the village spring season, the villagers can be washed into the mountains behind the village irrigation reservoir, due to the effects of drought this year, already facing mountain reservoirs dried up red, the few remaining 200,000 cubic meters of water . In this case, Long Yuan Village, 500 acres of flue-cured tobacco and 737 acres of paddy fields in irrigation water were taken from the dam. “Since Daying Village leather processing industry, the pumping station became the main discharge point of their village, our village is subject to Daying Village sewage most affected villages.” Yushao Wen said pumped irrigation water, then penetrate into the soil , the final penetration to rural wells.

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