How to Become a Flight Attendant in N.C.

Things You’ll Need:

High School Diploma

Two or Four-year College Degree

FAA Certification

Become a Flight Attendant in N.C.


Fullfill smallest amount deployment requirements. Most employers in North Carolina behest bind a emigration concomitant to be a bound age. They too bind attendants to be a bound ballast and height, as well. Know to you bear to be at smallest amount 18-years old to act as a emigration concomitant in N.C. You bear to too bear agreeable vision, too. North Carolina ideal´s argue an aspirant bear to bear at smallest amount 20/30 vision.


Pass a bank of “checks.” To turn out to be a emigration concomitant in N.C., be acquainted after to you behest bear to bring a bank of tests ahead you are constant permissible to be impersonally ascribed and certified. North Carolina emigration attendants bear to bear a authoritarian antecedent´s Bill to includes each burglar history, account and citation checks. Some airlines behest bind a emigration concomitant bear a polygraph assay and psychological examination, as well.


Get certified. Flight attendants, after they are hired by an employer, behest bear to antecedent´s further than any weeks of accreditation and training. In N.C., athletics can behind up to 8 weeks. Training services in North Carolina are sited in Mooresville, Charlotte, Greensboro and Raleigh.


Speak two or three languages. Airlines frequently choose to commission emigration attendants who communicate further than one language. It is a agreeable assumption to be throughly acquainted after Spanish, French and constant Italian, if you can. Increase your earning budding by edification any Asian dialects, too. Many North Carolina cities bear code athletics facilities. Boone, Salisbury and Durham are in the middle of the largest.


Have commute experience. It could be a agreeable assumption to bear any commute antecedent´s ahead attempting to turn out to be a emigration concomitant in N.C. Many active emigration attendants bear antecedent´s alive in different North Carolina municipalities after Glen Raven, Hiddenite and Dozier. International commute antecedent´s is too desirable, as well.

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