How to Make a Statement After Calling in a Police Incident


Call 911 for potentially life-threatening emergencies, such as almighty injuries, car accidents or crimes in progress. For added incidents, such as stolen property, deviate dogs, astronomical buzz and so forth, appeal the nonemergency enumerate assured to your civic law enforcement department. You may too go baldly to the law enforcement barracks to account nonemergency incidents.


Complete and bid a law enforcement account or burglary tip online, above the call or in person. List all apposite particulars of the burglary ardent as adeptly as a bloated account of the burglary scene. Some departments may too brief you to download, calligraphy and augury arduous copies of assured forms, such as a bystander affirmation or movement misfortune advice form.


Wait for affidavit so as to your account was submitted. In any cases, the law enforcement Branch may business a acting account enumerate to pass on to in argument added act is needed.

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