THAI ARTIST Terracotta RELEASE “MV: CHEMICAL” Releases brand new tracks via Blue Rhythm Records

THAI ARTIST Terracotta RELEASE “MV: CHEMICAL” Releases brand new tracks via Blue Rhythm Records

NEW YORK, NY: September 25th 2012 – Bangkok, Thailand’s Terracotta is an up and coming acoustic Pop/Soul/R&B group that is making waves in Thailand’s music industry with its sultry heartfelt sound that is winning over fans across the country. Terracotta is proud to announce their newest release “Chemical” which is ready for its major debut. The band has an expert level of production which has been all self-done by the band itself, in turn giving them a superior level of creative control over the finished product. The band stepped into Bangkok’s Vintage Studio Thailand where they laid down everything from vocals to instruments to come out with this excellent smooth sound encompassing a variety of genres ranging from Urban to Soul to R&B. The whole band brings an extensive history as musicians with a professional level of musicianship to the table and it really shows in their music with the newest release. The band welcomes new fans across the globe and looks forward to bringing them enjoyment from their music for years to come. Terracotta is available for interviews and booking via their management at and more info at Visit the band online at:


Hyphened-Nation – Poised to Advance the End of a Hyphenated America

The days of ethnic minorities being labeled as a Latino-American, African-American or Asian-American may soon come to an end following the launch of a book Hyphened-Nation that has sparked the social movement, Don’t Check the Box.

There is no doubt that hyphenation creates separation and many problems for individuals placed in these categories. In fact, it was former American President, Theodore Roosevelt, who said: A Hyphenated American is not an American at all. But Hyphened -Nation is on a mission to change all that.

The movement was founded by Nicole Draffen and was inspired by her travels overseas. She said:Living abroad was an eye-opening experience. I grew to understand certain aspects of American culture better, the longer I lived overseas. The differences were startling, and lead me on a journey to understand why the United States is one of the only, if not the

The movement also inspired the book, Hyphened-Nation: Don’t Check the Box. This dynamic book is about the author’s insights while living in the UK and her experience of being treated as an American, rather than as a hyphenated one. It also focuses on ways the U.S. and Europe differ culturally via media, and how a bridge might be created.

Draffen writes in her book: “The hyphenation of your nationality minimizes your standing in the nation. The hyphen might as well act as a minus sign. Both are represented by the same symbol and have the same consequences. Just as a minus “takes away” a numerical value, its counterpart hyphen lessens the value of your nationality.”

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WriteNowLive: The Burden of Sweetberry by Carol Gosa Summerville

On the third Sunday in June of 1963, an emotional drama unfolded at the First Macedonia Baptist Church of Sipsey, Alabama. It was the day that the adulteress at the center of the community’s tragedy brought herself before the church body for baptism.

The baptism was a confession of her sins and a plea to God for forgiveness for the part she’d played in the tragedy.

It all started about a year ago. On a Friday night after a week-long revival, her long-time lover, Deacon Josiah Hess, brutally murdered her fiancé, Luther McGill. The close-knit community was devastated, having never witnessed anything like it. Months later, the trial of Deacon Hess revealed secrets about this woman that left her reputation in ruins. Now, rumor had it that she was starting her life over. And she was beginning by getting baptized again.


Christian Author Who Focuses on Good and Evil

Dr. Shenita Etwaroo is an author, educator, artist, film producer, activist, and advocate dedicated to human and animal rights. As someone who has herself overcome great adversity, Shenita uses her work to share love, compassion, and mercy. She believes that every individual has a beacon of light inside of them, and she hopes that her writing can help strengthen that light for people who are suffering.

Shenita is motivated to help others by the trauma she has personally overcome. Growing up and as an adult, she endured abuse, trauma, memory loss, and countless other challenges. While it was difficult to rise out of the dark parts of her life, Shenita knows that God’s grace provided her with the strength to endure and fight for righteous causes. Because of her experiences, she empathizes with the vulnerable and the oppressed and is dedicated to lifting up the downtrodden.

A beacon of light came to her in the form of Neon (or Neo), her beloved bunny. In the midst of personal darkness, Neo hopped into Shenita’s life and shared unconditional love with her. The two of them bravely defending each other from suffering, and Shenita’s love for Neo pulled her out of the worst moments of her life. Even though Neo is no longer with us, she continues to have a place in Shenita’s heart and provides a constant stream of inspiration.

With fresh hope, Shenita decided to dedicate her life to helping others and improving the world. She earned a doctorate degree in counseling, and is currently pursuing other avenues in academia. In the past, she taught English and literature and writes in a plethora of genres, including long-form fiction, short stories, poetry, and articles. Among her books, you will find elements of dystopian, fantasy, science fiction, horror, thriller, crime, adventure, action, mystery, suspense, supernatural, romance, historical, drama, young adult, children’s fiction, literary fiction and self-help.

Shenita’s nonfiction writing revolves around two purposes: to share hope and to fight against injustice. From her own experiences, Shenita knows how important it can be to have someone to relate to, and someone telling you to keep hope for a better life. Through her writing, she shares parts of her own struggles and pain, as well as the strength and determination that enabled her to overcome those struggles. She hopes that her work can serve as a lifeline for those who need it.

She also writes to fight for change against human cruelty against animals and against other people. Shenita is a dedicated vegan and advocate for animal rights. Animals, she knows, are capable of great love, and deserve love and compassion in return. Through her writing, Shenita aims to give a voice to the animals who cannot speak to us. She also works to rescue local animals and advocates for animal rights publicly. Shenita believes in always countering injustice with kindness, and she has seen in her own life how this approach can make a difference.

For every person she can reach through her writing and advocacy, Shenita is blessed to honor her beloved Neo and to use her experiences to help those who need it most.


Dr. Shenita Etwaroo many books are available for sale on Amazon with stories available for readers. She is aiming to enlighten and entertain people with her intriguing works.

Shenita Etwaroo focuses many of her works on her strong beliefs. She is a devout Christian who focuses many of her works on her beliefs. She believes that all creatures in the world are equal and that all beings are truly to be loved. She also focuses extensively on animal welfare in many of her works and general daily values.

It is with these values that Dr. Shenita Etwaroo writes her stories. She focuses on stories of love and compassion while showing mercy to others. This especially includes understanding that there is always some kind of light that will come about at the end of any problem that one holds. There is also the ongoing theme of how good can always triumph over evil. The attitudes that Etwaroo holds are all intriguing points that have helped to inspire her work and influence many of her readers over the years.

The numerous works that Shenita currently has to offer include some appealing publications that focus extensively on hope and working hard to be one’s best. Each story always focuses on how certain virtues are always more powerful than others all around the world.The top stories in her bibliography focuses on hope and giving people the right to be who they are.

For more information, visit:

Twitter: @shenitaetwaroo

Media Contact
Contact Person: Dr. Shenita Etwaroo
Country: United States

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Director Asha Chai-Chang discovers a growing trend of male non-drivers while filming “Cruise Control”

Charlotte, NC – “Cruise Control” premieres Saturday, April 1st at 1:20 PM in the Charlotte Convention Center, hosted by the Charlotte Black Film Festival. Filmed locally in Charlotte, “Cruise Control” is directed and produced by Asha Chai-Chang of Love My Productions.
While the short film was produced in only 2 days, the storyline touches on international issues and trends. One of these trends is the rise in male non-drivers across the world. This poses an interesting question: Are you less of a man if you don’t drive? As Andrew Woods from the UK says “Even in today’s liberated age, the idea of a non-driving woman is still fine, but Driving Mr. Daisy is not.”
Asha is known for exploring and breaking stereotypes, and in today’s society, men are still seen as the driving force in business, politics, and most industries. However, there is a growing recognition of women being shown as leaders and steering important world affairs, as emphasized by the recent coverage of the International Women’s Day March for Women’s Rights. Furthermore, for the first time in history, women now outpace men in graduating college and pursuing graduate and professional degrees.
This leads to a pivotal question: Are men now taking the back seat to women and losing the expectations commonly associated with masculinity? See how the comedy “Cruise Control” handles this topic and more at the Charlotte premiere on April 1st.

If you would like more information about the film, please visit: or email us at

Press Contact: Coco Mills
Telephone: (786) 536-0301

History Made During NYFW

Major landmark events, such as professional sporting matches, have long been a magnificent platform to advocate for social change. Indonesian designer Annesia Hasibuan utilized her show at New York Fashion Week this past week to not only celebrate but destigmatize a religious staple. Hasibuan made history by having every model sporting her 48 SS ’17 looks to wear a hijab.

Courtesy of Frank Harris
Photo courtesy of Frank Harris

This magical moment led to a well-deserved standing ovation from a crowd compromised of a majority non-Muslims. Social media took a liking to Hasibuan’s progressive efforts as well. Haute Hijab’s chief executive wrote on Instagram “… Annesia – thank you for the courage and strength to keep your designs and models true to your beliefs and not giving into the pressure- you made history and we love you”


Photo courtesy of Frazer Harrison

This social statement was the talk of the town during Fashion Week as the first Indonesian designer blazed trails for Islamic fashion. An assortment of hijab’s accented the dazzling flowing tunics, gowns, and pants perfectly. Thus making a real fashion statement amongst others.

Islamic couture as a revelation is a far cry from the generalized symbol of terror many use to discriminate against Muslim women in the United States. Change appears to be on the horizon though as major fashion brands like Dolce & Gabanna and H&M have created Ramadan themed collections for the past few years. Annesia Hasibuan has cast a beautiful light on the hijab and aided in the efforts to normalize it as an article of clothing.

Photo courtesy of Frazer Harrison


Hidden Genius The Black Engineer Behind Howard Hughes

Historian and author H.T.Bryer has penned a fascinating book about Frank Calvin Mann (1908-1992). “Mr. Frank Calvin Mann was the little known but brilliant black aeronautical engineer who worked out the design problems on the The Spruce Goose [Hughes H-4 Hercules] allowing the worlds largest airplane to fly.” Because Howard Hughes’ white engineers wouldn’t work with Frank Mann, he would dismiss them and bring Frank into his hanger in the back of a panel truck or hidden under blankets to help solve the problems. Thus the title of Frank Mann’s biography, “Hidden Genius”
He was not only a talented aeronautical and aerospace engineer, but also an award winning sports car designer, soldier of fortune in the Italo-Ethiopian War, primary civilian instructor of the famous Tuskeegee Airmen, and a World war II officer in the Army Air Corps. Another interesting fact about Frank was that he was a lifelong friend and associate of and behinds the scene troubleshooter and engineer for the world famous Howard Hughes.

“Foremost, I would like to thank my brother and collaborator Paul Bryer, without whose prodigious memory and tenacity this story would have died out, faded, and passed with the memories of those who knew Frank and knew of his incomprehensible accomplishments and contributions to the world.”

Download this insightful book today.


Tom Ford AW16 Collection at New York Fashion Week 2016

Tom Ford will debut his Autumn/Winter 2016 Womenswear and Menswear Collections in New York on September 7th, 2016.

We are pleased to offer you the Official Live Stream from NY. The pre-show is scheduled to begin at 9:15pm EDT, 6:15 PM PDT.

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Aerial Cinema Productions Heads South

by Kate Fox

Something exciting is hovering over the sunny skies of Southern Florida. Helicopter Party
Aerial Cinema Productions, Inc. has relocated to the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area. One of the premier providers of the helicopter and fixed-wing aviation assets and services to the motion picture and TV industry is Aerial Cinema Productions (ACP).  ACP is committed to providing superior service to the east coast and throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean.

CEO and founder, Ray McCort, states “it’s time service like this is available in what has become one of the hottest markets”.  A SAG pilot for over 20 years, with over 8,000 hours of flying time, he has skills in aerial safety and stunt coordination.  An active member in the motion picture industry since 1991, he spent several years as a pilot/reporter in the electronic news gathering industry, flying for several US news markets throughout the US, including Washington DC, Baltimore and New York.  Ray is in a very select group of go to pilots for this kind of service. His current professional affiliations include membership in SAG/AFTRA, VES, SOC, HAI, AOPA and AUVSI.  Ray has recently become FAA certified to fly UAV/Drones for commercial film and video work under FAA exemption 333 and created an off-shoot of ACP called Aerial Cinema Drones.  The company will utilize drones to fly for various film and video productions.  “It’s a natural progression”, says McCort.  “With the new technology available, it would be shortsighted to ignore this opportunity.”

Aerial Cinema Productions, Inc., a motion picture aviation company, was established in 1991, in New York City, where the founder was born and raised.  A full service aerial production company, they employ pilots, flight crews, professional production personnel and top of the line video and film camera equipment for the purpose of aerial filming and Ray_McCort_and_Geoff_Palmer_flying_on_location_in_movie_Chill_factorvideo with projects ranging from studio feature films to commercial campaigns, music videos, documentaries, industrials and independent films. ACP is FAA certified with an approved Motion Picture and TV Manual and Certificate of Waiver.  When asked if there is anything ACP doesn’t do, McCort answered, “If it flies, we fly it.  We can provide any aerial service you need.”


The Social Contract World Premiere’s in Burbank

The Thriller Movie ‘The Social Contract’ is to World Premiere at the 2014 Burbank International Film Festival

The US-Latino action thriller ‘The Social Contract’ movie, directed by Matthew Spradlin (‘Bad Kids Go To Hell’), written by award-winning writer Carlito Rodriguez (HBO ‘The Leftovers’)and starring Dominican Republic actress Katherine Castro, is set to have its world premiere at this year’s Burbank International Film Festival on Thursday September 4th at 8pm, at the AMC Town Center 6 Theatres in Burbank, California.

Produced by Integrated Arts & Media and co-starring Patricia Rae (‘The Big Wedding’), Hector Hank (‘The Iceman’) and Lex Zellner (‘The River’) with fight choreographer and actor David C. Hernandez (‘Last Stand of the 300’), ‘The Social Contract’, is a fast paced action thriller following A Woman’s (Katherine Castro) dark and violent past until it hastily catches up to her forcing her to choose between her own salvation and keeping her family alive. Full of twists and turns by the films intertwined complex characters, ‘The Social Contract’ has been designed, by Rodriguez, to keep the audience alert and questioning, not just The Woman’s motives, but all others involved.

“We are thrilled to be part of this year’s official selection at the 2014 Burbank International Film Festival.” said actress – producer Katherine Castro. “Not only are we in competition alongside some wonderful filmmakers, but it will be the world premiere of ‘The Social Contract’ making this truly special experience for all of us within the cast and crew.”

Other cast members include; David Portorreal (‘Prisoner 614’) and child actor Alexander James (‘All-Stars’), the youngest cast member at six years old.

‘The Social Contract’ was filmed at various Hollywood hot spot locations including interior shots at The Pink Motel in Sun Valley, famed for Hollywood heavy-hitting movies ‘Drive’ and “The Whole Ten Yards’. The movie is expected to begin it film festival circuit post its screening in Burbank on September 4th.

 For further information please contact the film’s publicist: – USA: 1 310 435 3634


PR Firm EMR Media Honored with Hollywood Walk of Fame Award

Celebrating 10 years, EMR Media Founder Liz Rodriguez Receives a Special Commemorative Hollywood Walk of Fame Award

Founded in 2004, this month marks the 10 year anniversary of marketing, branding and PR firm EMR Media (, and in recognition of that milestone for services to the entertainment industry, Fame Enterprises and the 8th Annual Hollywood FAME Awards has honored Founder Liz Rodriguez with a special commemorative Hollywood Walk of Fame Award bearing the official classic film camera emblem, to support her commitment to the film industry.

The commemorative award, which was presented privately in Hollywood, was given to EMR Media for ‘10 years’ outstanding service to the international mass media for publicity services and red carpet special events’ in recognition of Liz Rodriguez and her teams’ dedication to the entertainment industry, covering a multitude of international services and specializing in red carpet special events.

Hollywood Walk Of Fame Award
Special Commemorative Hollywood Walk of Fame Award

“We are so thankful and honored to be recognized for our 10 year anniversary and our efforts in international marketing, branding and PR.” said EMR Media Founder, Liz Rodriguez. “I have personally been in marketing and PR for over 20 years and love representing talented individuals and dynamic companies, helping them rise to the top. My team and I are passionate about our clients, we love organizing any type of event and running media driven red carpets. So to be given an award for doing something you really love is just well …. a Hollywood dream come true!”

Established in 2004 by London-born Liz Rodriguez, EMR Media offers pro-active and dynamic marketing, brand and PR strategies for companies and individuals, whether it’s a single press release to industry professionals or a full blown marketing and PR campaign. The company covers a variety of industries including entertainment, publishing, finance and non-profits. Liz Rodriguez has worked, and lived, in major international markets covering a diversity of cultures including; the Middle East (Dubai, Qatar, Abu Dhabi), Europe, South Africa, Thailand, New Zealand, Australia and the USA.

For further information contact the EMRMedia team: – Tel: 310 435 3634