PR Firm EMR Media Honored with Hollywood Walk of Fame Award

Celebrating 10 years, EMR Media Founder Liz Rodriguez Receives a Special Commemorative Hollywood Walk of Fame Award

Founded in 2004, this month marks the 10 year anniversary of marketing, branding and PR firm EMR Media (, and in recognition of that milestone for services to the entertainment industry, Fame Enterprises and the 8th Annual Hollywood FAME Awards has honored Founder Liz Rodriguez with a special commemorative Hollywood Walk of Fame Award bearing the official classic film camera emblem, to support her commitment to the film industry.

The commemorative award, which was presented privately in Hollywood, was given to EMR Media for ‘10 years’ outstanding service to the international mass media for publicity services and red carpet special events’ in recognition of Liz Rodriguez and her teams’ dedication to the entertainment industry, covering a multitude of international services and specializing in red carpet special events.

Hollywood Walk Of Fame Award
Special Commemorative Hollywood Walk of Fame Award

“We are so thankful and honored to be recognized for our 10 year anniversary and our efforts in international marketing, branding and PR.” said EMR Media Founder, Liz Rodriguez. “I have personally been in marketing and PR for over 20 years and love representing talented individuals and dynamic companies, helping them rise to the top. My team and I are passionate about our clients, we love organizing any type of event and running media driven red carpets. So to be given an award for doing something you really love is just well …. a Hollywood dream come true!”

Established in 2004 by London-born Liz Rodriguez, EMR Media offers pro-active and dynamic marketing, brand and PR strategies for companies and individuals, whether it’s a single press release to industry professionals or a full blown marketing and PR campaign. The company covers a variety of industries including entertainment, publishing, finance and non-profits. Liz Rodriguez has worked, and lived, in major international markets covering a diversity of cultures including; the Middle East (Dubai, Qatar, Abu Dhabi), Europe, South Africa, Thailand, New Zealand, Australia and the USA.

For further information contact the EMRMedia team: – Tel: 310 435 3634


New Information About Giving Tuesday and iDonor

#GivingTuesday Event

Los Angeles, CA (November 27th, 2013) – Interactive Donor Corp., a New York incorporated Benefit Corporation branded as iDonor (, is hosting a special evening of ‘igniting the 21st Century Philanthropist’, to celebrate #GivingTuesday and the beta launch of the iDonor widget on December 3rd at the Riviera 31, Sofitel Beverly Hills in California. The ‘igniting the 21st Century Philanthropist’ red carpet event will take place on #GivingTuesday, the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, and will be attended by iDonor’s non-profit partners, The Tiger Woods Foundation, The Trevor Project, Alzheimer’s Association, Two Wings and Peace4Kids, as well as the Mayor of West Hollywood, Abbe Land, who will be presenting iDonor with a City Proclamation. The evening will be a celebration of philanthropy and giving through version 1 of the iDonor mobile widget, hosted by French Tuesday Productions who will be adding their twist around socializing a celebration of Philanthropy and igniting the 21st Century Philanthropist. “We are excited to be a part of this inaugural celebration and want party guests making donations along with capturing great photos and sharing them with their network of friends!” said Gilles Amsallem, Co-Founder of French Tuesday. “During the evening we will be encouraging everyone to take plenty of pictures and upload their “unselfie” with #Unselfie and #iDonor, as part of the #GivingTuesday initiative to have millennials and celebrities capture “selfie” photos and talk about what they care about most.” Ken Brenner, Founder of Interactive Donor Corp. added “We will be celebrating #GivingTuesday and in order to harness the power of social media to support a national movement around the holidays by igniting the 21st Century Philanthropist. The movement is similar to how Black Friday and Cyber Monday have become days that are synonymous with holiday shopping. iDonor is a global next generation solution that offers a more engaging and rewarding donation experience.” iDonor joined #GivingTuesday in a partnership to ignite the next generation of donors with the iDonor donation widget which is the next generation of the current ‘Donate Now’ button. The iDonor widget is a first of its kind to harnesses the collective power of a unique blend of partners charities, families, businesses and individuals to transform how people think about, talk about and participate in the giving season. Coinciding with the Thanksgiving Holiday and the kickoff of the holiday shopping season. will inspire people to take collaborative action to improve their local communities by giving now in better, smarter ways to the charities and causes they support which will ultimately create a more harmonious world. The iDonor platform will provide people with the ability to choose their own individual giving while having an opportunity to win a daily Giving Prize of a $100 electronic gift card (eGift Cards) shopping spree with over 40 national retailers. Daily winners will receive and redeem their $100 eGift Cards on their mobile devices and redeem their prize with brands like Gap, Starbucks, JC Penney, Nike, Amazon, and many more! Daily prize draws will be made starting on #GivingTuesday 12.03.13 with the final Grand Prize draw on 01.01.14. Join the spirit of #GivingTuesday by giving to a cause you care about at #iDonor and join us in ‘igniting the 21st Century Philanthropist.’ Join Interactive Donor at – Visit us at:, Twitter @idonor_me – LinkedIn: Or follow #GivingTuesday, #iDonor or #Unselfie


Forest-Friendly Eyewear Company

WoodLuck USA Official Reseller Of WoodLuck Eyewear

WoodLuck USA is proud to announce that the year 2013 has been extremely successful, after helping thousands of American consumers to get their hands on some of the finest and highest quality WoodLuck eyewear products available on the market. Currently, WoodLuck USA is the only company, based within the United States, that offers consumers the chance to purchase high-end and luxurious eyewear. The glasses available through WoodLuck USA are 100% wooden frames, and come with some of the finest detail that can be found on glasses.

facebook wall-640tabledisplaylaidout-640


“As a company, we are proud to be offering WoodLuck Eyewear to our customers. They offer a great product range, and we are currently the only official reseller based within the United States”. He continued, “While WoodLuck USA may be the only official reseller based in the United States, that doesn’t mean that the prices are sky high. Instead, it’s rather the opposite. We strive to keep our prices as low as physically possible, whilst offering an outstanding experience for our customers.”
Joe Aldana CEO of WoodLuck USA

Woodluck EYEWEAR is based out of Mexico and for ever pair of wooden sunglasses sold they will plant a tree in the forest!!!!



Click here to learn more about WoodLuck USA

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THAI ARTIST Terracotta RELEASE “MV: CHEMICAL” Releases brand new tracks via Blue Rhythm Records

THAI ARTIST Terracotta RELEASE “MV: CHEMICAL” Releases brand new tracks via Blue Rhythm Records

NEW YORK, NY: September 25th 2012 – Bangkok, Thailand’s Terracotta is an up and coming acoustic Pop/Soul/R&B group that is making waves in Thailand’s music industry with its sultry heartfelt sound that is winning over fans across the country. Terracotta is proud to announce their newest release “Chemical” which is ready for its major debut. The band has an expert level of production which has been all self-done by the band itself, in turn giving them a superior level of creative control over the finished product. The band stepped into Bangkok’s Vintage Studio Thailand where they laid down everything from vocals to instruments to come out with this excellent smooth sound encompassing a variety of genres ranging from Urban to Soul to R&B. The whole band brings an extensive history as musicians with a professional level of musicianship to the table and it really shows in their music with the newest release. The band welcomes new fans across the globe and looks forward to bringing them enjoyment from their music for years to come. Terracotta is available for interviews and booking via their management at and more info at Visit the band online at:


New Documentary Exposes Conscious Spreading of HIV Among Zimbabwean Sex Trade

New Documentary Exposes Conscious Spreading of HIV Among Zimbabwean Sex Trade

Risky Life Slave Trade HIV
Story of Slave Trades and HIV

In Zimbabwe some mothers are selling their bodies just to put food in their children’s mouths, putting their lives at risk in the process. Prostitution is a common survival mechanism in third world cultures, far too common with the other common aspect of it being AIDS. Many Documentaries have documented how in such countries as Thailand rural girls travel to Cities such as Pattaya and Bangkok to earn money to look after their rural folks.

The African story lately has been mainly in regards to women from Nigeria who are blackmailed through Juju to prostitute on the streets of Europe. I recently watched a Documentary called Chauya Chauya – A Risky Life. In Zimbabwe Chauya Chauya means whatever comes…comes, which is the attitude of the women who appeared in the film. What bothered me the most is that some of the women have given up hope, resigned themselves to the fate of eventually dying from Aids.

The problem for Zimbabwe and its people is that too many Sex Workers and their Clients have a nonchalant mentality when it comes to Aids. A.A.V. Amasi’s Documentary available on takes the viewer into Africa’s Hunts Point, a tragic place filled with broken dreams.

The film dives into the deplorable complexities of human condition and documents Africa’s most dangerous profession. The unemployment rate in Zimbabwe that currently stands at 90% is a recruitment mechanism for prostitution. Zimbabwe does not have welfare systems in place to support single mothers; majorities of unemployed urban women feel hopeless and have no control over their destiny. Poverty forces some of them to Prostitute themselves to look after family members, in an environment where a large percentage of the clientele prefer sex without a condom.

The domino effect is such that when they go to their wives or girlfriends they infect them thereby infecting society at large. It’s a vicious circle that needs to be addressed through programs, which educate men who visit Sex Workers on the implications of their actions.

What I found interesting is that some of the women in the Documentary feel trapped and are looking for a way out. Maybe Charities should find ways of helping these women off the streets by doing projects that can enable them to get off the streets. In the Documentary, women candidly talk about the working conditions of this murky industry including the competition among women for sometimes very little clients and the acceptance of what is termed as Danger Fee. Danger Fee is an extra charge for the risk that is taken by allowing the client to have sex with them without a condom. Chauya Chauya: A Risky Life gets up close and personal with these women who make life or death decisions every night.

As a mother the film made me tear up at times with the reality that if I were in similar circumstances, I would have no choice but to do what they are doing. That is the juxtaposition of this Documentary because it puts you in a position of action, a position of wanting to help. Not many Documentaries come out of Zimbabwe because the country has a media black out; the Filmmaker took a risk documenting these women’s lives and at some point is arrested on camera. Currently, it’s believed that up to 25 percent of Zimbabwe’s population is HIV positive, which is why prostitution is such a risky business for these mothers. With Chauya Chauya: A Risky Life, you’ll learn about the different characteristics of the prostitutes including why they began in the industry, their attitude towards AIDS, Clients and the risks they must endure just to make sure their kids have food to eat.


Louderback Moving Services Favorably Of Moving Companies

[button link=”” variation=”slate” size=”large”]Click to watch video:[/button] Louder Back Movers Philadelphia, PA Since 1997, Louderback Moving Services, agent for Mayflower Transit has successfully moved thousands of families, offices and equipment.

Louderback Moving Services is the most favorably reviewed of the moving Companies Allentown, PA has to offer. Our team has become noticed by Bloomberg BusinessWeek as Allentown’s most Preferred Movers. Since The mid-nineties Louderback Moving Services has been relocating householders and businesses alike in a helpful and professional move mentality and environment. Our Services Provide you with the following solutions for your move: Local Moving services, Freeway Movers/Cross-Country Movers/Long Range Moving services, Worldwide Movers, Professional Product packaging and Crating, Storage space & Warehousing, and Business office Movers/Commercial Moving services around Allentown, PA. Our Advantage:

  • Accredited and insured
  • Professional, friendly employees
  • Uniformed, drug-tested, inspected track record movers
  • “Quality Labor Certification” teaches conventional approaches for safe packing and loading involving your belongings
  • Dedicated to customer care and satisfaction
  • Competitive, honest rates that offer you our signature outstanding value
  • Over 500 agents throughout the America and around the World
  • Free, no-obligation estimates
  • Full-value replacement protection available
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(Washington, DC) June 26, 2012

DC Life Magazine Is Looking Forward To $250,000


Click the link below and Vote for:
DC Life Magazine

Headquarters in Triangle, Virginiaa

DC Life Magazine is looking to receive one of the $250,000 grants awarded by Chase and Living Social. Chase and LivingSocial want to help fuel that drive by awarding up to 12 individual grants of $250,000 to 12 small businesses.





The concept is being guided by a very diverse group of business professionals, such as:

Steve Case

Chairman and CEO, Revolution; Co-Founder, America Online; Chairman, The Case Foundation

Jason Calacanis

Founder and CEO,

Candace Nelson

Founder, Sprinkles Cupcakes


DC Life Magazine is the largest and most successful online magazine in the Life Diverse Network. Their mission is “Cultural-Fusion For Social-Change”, and they have made a significant impact in the Washington, DC metropolitan region. They have been able to gain market share with help from sponsors like, who provides their SEO, SEM and overall internet branding strategy. provides an interactive marketing, advertising and public-relations platform that combines the technology of search engine marketing and credibility of traditional print to impact local markets.


Another one of their national sponsors is MojoPages, the People Powered Yellow Pages, creates a vibrant community where friends, family and neighbors help one another find the best local businesses. Mojopages allows restaurants and other businesses a more just and accurate way to be reviewed by their critics and customers. Only DC Life Magazine and Radio One have the exclusive partnerships with in the Washington, DC market.


Latin Fashion Week is another major sponsor to join the diversity powered publication in their efforts to create a more culturally tolerant and diverse society. Latin Fashion Week not only puts on a major fashion event in the Nations Capital, but it hosts a whole week of events dedicated to integrating more diversity into fashion. Support Latin Fashion Week 2012 by contacting:


Click the link below and Vote for:

DC Life Magazine
Headquarters in Triangle, Virginia


The 1st Annual NoDA Summer Musicfest

The 1st Annual NoDA Summer Musicfest presented by the Midatlantic Music Conference

The NoDa Summer Musicfest is a live music festival designed to promote the North Davidson, an diverse artistic area in Charlotte, NC. Known as the NODA district. This area has tremendous music and art resources which our event will assist in exposing the rich culture and opportunities to regional artists, bands and other industry related professionals. The event will host over 50 independent musical acts that span across many genres. The event will be held on 3 stages that will simultaneously crank the region’s best talent. We are also providing an international performance opportunity for a regional band. The band will perform a live simulcast during our event from the City of Fort Saskatchewan, Canada Day Celebrations July 1st in front of 10k-15k people.

The event is being hosted at The Chop Shop, 399 E. 35th St, Charlotte, NC 28205. The venue offers more than 5000 sq. feet of bar space with a spacious multi-level stage, room for over 400 patrons and an awesome atmosphere for pure enjoyment.

This event is being organized by the founders of the Midatlantic Music Conference. From 2002 – 2008, the Mid-Atlantic Music Conference solidified itself as the largest and longest running music conference in the Mid-Atlantic States. The event has hosted over 1000 performers, artists and bands from the US, Canada and around the world. Additionally, more than 450 music, film and digital entertainment industry professionals have participated in interactive panels, displays and demonstrations, making it the premier music industry networking event in the market!

Past participants in their events have included executives from major and independent record labels such as Sony/BMG, J-Records, Universal, BME, EMI Music Group, SoSoDef, Arista and Interscope Records. Other industry sponsors and participants include CD Baby, ASCAP, Electronic Musician, XM Radio, Masterwriter, Select-O-Hits, NC Bar Association as well as film and video game companies such as Southern Tip Films, Talent Link, The NC Film Commission and GRS Games, makers of the SIMS. During the 2008 conference, over 100 artists & bands crossing all genres of music performed in 5 of Charlottes hottest performance venues.

The event will take place on June 30th and July 1st from 4pm to 11pm nightly and it will be hosted at The Chop Shop NoDa at 399 35th Street, Charlotte, NC 28205.

For more information on the event please visit –



Re: Thanks Dad! (A new and exciting childrens  book by Stanley G. Buford)

SENIOR EDITORS:  ARPG Publishing is proud to introduce Stanley G. Buford and his new book: Thanks Dad!  The quality of the writing, the unique experiences of the author, and the national demand for well-developed; Children’s Books on child-rearing and education merit the serious consideration of traditional publishers.

Thanks Dad! Is a book written for children, by a teacher from a parent’s perspective.  The work was even promoted nationally by way of radio, online and other electronic media.

In the book, Buford provides various sides of the influence of a father on a child’s growth and development.  He discusses how fathers should be involved in their children’s intellectual growth both before and during their school years; he then shows educational support staff members, such as teachers and administrators, via inference through his characters, Tee and Kay, why fathers must be included in decision-making processes in the most non-threatening way: opportunities that say, “Thanks Dad!


Stanley G. Buford uses his twenty years of teaching experience as well as his past roles in business and organization management to create a fantastic children’s book for both parents and teachers that shows how it does, in fact, take a village to raise a child, and multiple sources to fully and successfully educate him or her.  Buford is the former Program Director for the School Partnerships Program, a school improvement project sponsored by DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois, and was also a frequent guest speaker on METV’s The Homework Show.  He was a member of the cast of the recently released film “Of Boys and Men” starring Angela Bassett and Robert Townsend. Stanley is a freelance writer for the North Lawndale Community News; a contributing writer for the popular national online publication and is a Staff Writer for the renowned publication:

President Barack Obama remarked “Thank you for your interesting book on parenting,” in reference to his last work: Not All Teachers Are Parents, But All Parents Are Teachers!


Post Free Classified Ads at Classifieds Ads in Charlotte

Post Free Classified Ads at Classifieds Ads in Charlotte

Sunday, May 06, 2012–Advertising has become so easy and fast with increasing internet facilities. Different advertising websites, social networking sites like Facebook, twitter have encouraged many to advertise their products and earn handsome profits. Likewise, Classified Ads in Charlotte is such an online platform, which has brought vast field to advertise your products. Classified Ads in Charlotte give you the opportunity to increase your business opportunity. There are different sections, such as, Classified Ads in Charlotte, Local Classified Ads, and Free Classified Ads provided by classifiedadsincharlotte.

You can give your advertisements on automobiles, and business opportunity, real estate site. Classifiedadsincharlotte has done a terrific job by dividing the advertisements according to their category; it becomes easier to find their requirement by directly searching under the category without wasting any time. Classified Ads in Charlotte has created categories like buy and sell; here you can get products from baby clothing’s to home appliances. You can advertise your product as well as buy whatever you like according to your need.

People are referring to internet services rather than going for the printed local newspaper. It is easier to use and navigate a website than turning leafs of newspaper. Classified Ads in Charlotte has hundreds of buyers and sellers, and it is growing every day. The site has made it clear that the buyers get the right product from the website and the sellers get right buyers for making business. Classified Ads in Charlotte also provides ads relating to services like carpet cleaners, barbers or musicians, auto repair, wedding planner, home tutors, painters, financial and many daily requirements.

You can also find your personal space in this site. Classified Ads in Charlotte also helps you to seek your long lost relationships, women seeking men, men seeking women, building new relationships. Classifiedadsincharlotte has helped those to invite new pet-guest. You just have to click two or three times and yes, your favorite pet is playing with you in the home.

Local Classified Ads would promote to sell a real estate property or to advertise any local job opportunity. You can also create your own free Classified ads. Your advertisement would also get equal importance as that of paid once. Free Classified ads would include house for rent, apartment for rent, real estate services, short term rentals, garage sale, and local business opportunities.

Free classified ads are best for fresher, they do not need and experience in starting up for advertisements, and you do not have to be professionally beneficial in advertisement. This site has helped local classified ads to be more public and visible to daily as well as new visitors. Systematic arrangement of classified promotes proper advertisement in classifiedadsincharlotte.

A senior representative from the site enunciates, “Classified Ads in Charlotte helps you to find your choice of service or products by providing advanced search. If you are not getting any product or unable to trace down any service, you can simply type the product or service name and mention its field. You would bet your desired product directly. Latest products or products that are running in the market are categorized under “Most popular.” Local classified ads will give you easy access to locally available products, if you are newly starting your business and want to advertise it. Local classified ads would do your job.”

Classified Ads in Charlotte has thrived to give its customers’ full support and quality service. You can get more information by visiting the link:

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